A caller, be it your customer, employee or supplier, needs to carry out a task. Using a phone is often the most natural, convenient and efficient way.
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Call center operators operator
Traditionally, your own   operators, or those in a call centre will carry out their task. Operators are an expensive resource and the tasks often repetitive.
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Dialogue machine servers dialoguemachine
Creates and hosts applications that allow a computer to take the call. Recorded human voice is used to talk to the caller and the caller uses natural speech to carry out their task.


Welcome to dialoguemachine. We create and host advanced automated speech recognition applications, that deliver cost savings and new opportunities to your company.


If we think your application is great for speech, we will create it for free; you only pay a monthly hosting fee agreed in advance once it goes live. Click here for more information or try the cost estimator.


Speech recognition can replace, free up or complement your existing human operator resource. Or it can create completely new revenue opportunities. For more on what it is and its applicability, click here.


To see how we would integrate and interface with your current infrastructure, please take a look here.


If you have a requirement or idea for using speech recognition within your organisation, please let us know. We can then discuss the feasibility and likely cost. Just email us or fill in a form here.