dialoguemachine is a UK based company that creates and hosts advanced automated speech recognition applications.

To provide the best return from speech recognition for our clients.

With many man years experience in the young but expanding speech recognition industry, we feel we offer the unique combination of:
  • Pricing:
    • The highest application quality/cost ratio available. Quite simply the best value in the industry.
    • The lowest cost of entry - free demonstrator, design and development. Ensures honesty at client engagement time and promotes entry into the speech recognition arena.
    • To obtain the above, free or open source software is used where possible and excellent deals have been developed with our server vendor, data centre and recogniser suppliers. We also run a virtual office thus avoiding the considerable overhead of a physical office.
  • Technology:
    • Intelligent software design - moduralisation, scalability, reliability and flexibility. Everyone knows these are good things; our development speed, quality and pricing demonstrate it.
    • Complexity - Human dialogues are rich. Our software allows the rapid and robust implementation of the layers of complexity needed for the most intuitive interfaces.
    • Automation - We ensure that all common processes (e.g. recording, testing, deployment, reporting, performance, uptime monitoring etc.) are fully automated.
  • Experience:
    • Usability - Speech recognition is part technology, part art-form. The experience of a large variety of applications, allows us to know the best way to ask questions to obtain unambiguous answers in a way that maximises usability and user satisfaction.
    • Tuning - It is only with the large and varied user base that having multiple clients provides us, that grammars, a crucial part of speech recognition solutions, can be tuned for maximum performance.