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We feel that it is important that everyone contributes to safeguarding the future of the planet and that its biggest threat is climate change.

As long as governments allow environmental externalities it is up to individuals and businesses to negate their environmental impact. To that end we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and to offset any carbon we do produce. We encourage other businesses to do the same.

Some of the ways in which we have been able to minimise our carbon footprint:
  • Having a virtual office and the use of email, VOIP and video conferencing reduces transport requirements considerably
  • All development PCs are turned off overnight as standard
  • All development and production servers use low drain Core 2 Duo processors
The amount of carbon that we do produce is calculated and offset using the climate care web site. We use a generous factor of safety to ensure that we at least break even and our clients can be sure that using dialoguemachine does not have a negative impact on the planet.