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free demonstrator
Experience has shown that a great way to convince decision makers of the potential for a speech recognition application is to build a cut down concept demonstrator. We offer this at no charge. Simply contact us to get the ball rolling.
free design & development
To minimise your risk and up-front costs, all our design and development is free. Charging only starts once the application is live in the form of a hosting fee.

You can be sure that with this model, we will only proceed with applications that we believe are suited to speech recognition. Furthermore, it will always remain in our interest to keep the application well tuned and the callers happy.

competitive hosting
Please use the cost estimator to get an estimate of the hosting fee. Few other companies in this arena give such open, up front guidance as to the total cost of deploying and running a speech recognition solution.

Being proud of our quality and value for money we are happy to do so. For more information on how we keep our hosting so competitive, please see the about page.
no contracts
There are no contracts and no minimum time period; if your application is not performing as well as you would like, simply stop the monthly payments.

For more details of the commercial and legal aspects please see legal at the foot of the page.