return on investment (ROI)
We understand how vital it is for you to determine the potential savings or return on investment for any speech recognition solution. That is why we are as transparent as possible up front with our cost estimator.

Once armed with this figure, you are in the best position to calculate the ROI that speech recognition can realise. Listed here are three common ways that the benefits of speech recognition can be obtained.

With our pricing structure, there is often not even a pay back time - savings or revenue can be generated from the moment of launch. And remember, whereas agents may not be, our applications will be active 24/7/365.
A speech recognition solution can directly replace agents for routine calls. Imagine a situation where 10 agents are used and 30% of their calls are routine.

Assuming a medium complexity 5 port system is used as the replacement for the routine calls, then this would cost 577 per month.

Given a conservative estimate that the fully loaded cost of an agent is 20,000 a year, then introducing a speech recognition application could result in monthly savings of approximately 4,423, which equates to 53,076 annually.

At our outstanding rates, many self service opportunities that are just not economic given agent costs, become so with automated speech recognition. A new service may earn you revenue directly, or through improved customer satisfaction and therefore retention.

If you know the expected number of calls per month, then using the cost estimator will allow you to accurately determine your per transaction cost, and hence the viability of your opportunity.
Our system can be deployed directly onto a fee earning 08 or 09 number to earn you revenue.

Armed with these rates and the monthly cost from the cost estimator, you can calculate the number of calls it will take to start making a profit.