dialoguemachine aims to be open, honest and transparent. If you require any information not covered here, please contact us.

cost estimator assumptions
The figures quoted by the cost estimator are a guide only. VAT at 17.5% is included.

The estimates include server costs (currently Pentium Core 2 Duos with 2GB RAM) and data centre hosting costs. If and when costs incurred by dialoguemachine are increased or introduced, we will pass these on in the hosting fee, but our aim is to keep the cost of speech recognition as low as possible. After all we want to increase our customer base, and of course you can leave at any time so the free market ensures we remain competitive!

The estimates are based on our in house voice talent recording the prompts. You are free to use your own voice talent to record them in which case, we can provide you or a studio with the list of prompts.

not included
Please note the estimate does not include the cost of a telephone line. In many cases you will already have a telephone line that can be redirected to our SIP address and if not, it is currently free to obtain one from our telephony provider.

Also, any 3rd party software that we require, for example database drivers to access your systems, is not included.

lead times
If we have spare capacity, lead times can be a matter of days. If not, please allow up to 6 weeks for our supplier to deliver the servers required. For large requirements a non-refundable deposit may be taken which will be offset with the hosting charges as they accrue.

intellectual property
All software residing on our servers remains the intellectual property of dialoguemachine. We do not provide source code. All software licences purchased, including the recogniser licences will remain the property of dialoguemachine. The hosting fee purely covers the use of the application for the duration over which it is paid.

User data is the property of the client. You may request all data held on our systems pertaining to you or your callers at any time, even after the monthly payments have been stopped (for up to 2 years).

service level
We believe that the following is a fair and straight forward service level agreement that emphasizes our partnership with our clients:
  • For any day on which our service is interrupted for any length of time, no matter how small, we will refund that days hosting cost in full.
  • If the client discovers that there is a problem with our service, this refund can only start accruing from the day that it is reported to us.
  • If the problem lies at the clients side of our interface with them, then this does not count as an interruption
  • The client may terminate their account at any time simply by cancelling future payments.
disclaimer of warranty
Our service is provided on an as is basis, without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, without limitation, warranties that the covered software is free of defects, merchantable, fit for a particular purpose or non-infringing.

company information
The websites and, and their associated applications and services are owned and operated by Dialogue Machine Limited; registered in England and Wales; registered number 6277095; registered office 24 Roding Mews, London, E1W 2JN;