what is speech recognition?
Automated speech recognition is the process whereby a computer, rather than a human operator, interacts with a telephone caller to allow them to carry out their task. An example call is below:

Computer:Hello and welcome. What day would you like to make a booking?
Computer:And at what time?
Caller:3 O'Clock
Computer:Sorry, that time is booked, the next available time is 4 PM, what time would you like to book?
Caller:4 O'Clock
Computer:Thanks, and for how long?
Caller:1 hour
Computer:Great, that booking is confirmed, your reference number is AB123, goodbye.

The combination of the caller speaking normally, and the computer using recorded (non-synthesized) human speech, allows a natural interaction and efficient task completion. Please see the following pages for more about speech recognition:
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  • how - the technology behind speech recognition
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