where can automated speech recognition be used?
To kick start your imagination, below are some examples of applications where speech recognition can provide significant value.
  • Time sheets and Expenses: A necessary, but tedious and time consuming task can be speeded up by using speech recognition. Callers need not be connected to the company network, and can fill theirs in remotely (when driving home for example - hands free obviously !).
  • Questionnaires and Surveys: Either by people phoning in, or by outbound dialling, questionnaires and surveys can easily be fulfilled. Answers can be flexible from "a,b,c", to "agree strongly, agree, disagree, disagree strongly" etc.
  • Voting: e.g. for a television magazine, callers can phone in and vote by speech for their preferred winners in a number of categories
  • Horoscope: Very simple but potentially lucrative application where callers phone in and say their star sign rather than entering a number on their keypad. Easy for everyone to use.
  • Banking Transactions: Currently these often require keypad entry to use, but voice recognition would create a more user friendly interface.
  • Sports' Result Service: Imagine a football score line, simply call in and say your teams name, then be presented with a summary of their latest score, next match and league position. Say two teams and hear the result of their last meetings and their next scheduled meeting. This applies not just to sport, but anywhere where easy access to information in a large number of categories is required.
This is just a short selection. In general, wherever you have or can imagine repetitive or routine phone calls, automated speech recognition can help.

Typical early adopters are brokerages, call centres, financial institutions and airlines. But now with the zero entry costs offered by dialoguemachine, speech recognition is viable for many more businesses.

If you want to know if your idea or requirement is suitable for speech recognition, please do contact us and remember, our pricing model ensures we will only recommend for those that are.