PSTN calls are transferred to a SIP address, or calls can be made directly via VOIP.
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our system
Our servers handle the call, and in some cases need to retrieve data from and save data to your systems.
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your system
We try and integrate with whatever architecture you already use. Security is a high priority.

dialoguemachine develops and hosts speech recognition applications on servers within a secure data centre. Our architecture is designed to ensure robustness, scalability and security.

All servers are fire walled and virus checked, however we understand your security concerns regarding any interface. We can support SSL, or standard authentication and we can provide a list of static IPs to allow your system to identify our requests.
We will try to support any interface you already have. Some common ones that we have experience with are:
  • SOAP: A standard for service oriented architectures that facilitates integration.
  • XML: Over HTTP or HTTPS we request an XML document containing the information we require for the voice interface.
  • ODBC: Direct to your database over the internet.
  • Screen Scraping: Although not as efficient as a direct interface, screen scraping your existing web applications (where available) allows you a very low cost of entry into speech recognition.