dial:+44 (0)845 003 4053
access code:10020

The lottery line allows you to buy your weekly lottery ticket by phone. It is simpler, less time consuming and more convenient than having to go to a newsagent.

Imagine you have registered your payment details, mobile phone number and a 4 digit PIN via the lottery web site. When you phone from your mobile, your CLI (the number you are calling from) will be recognised and you will be asked to enter your 4 digit PIN. Once verified, all you need to do is give your 6 numbers and you will have bought the ticket.

Please note, this is a demonstration, you are not actually buying a ticket and your numbers will not win you anything even if they come in!

points to note
  • There are many ways to verify a caller is who they say they are. In this instance we recognised the number they were calling in on and asked for a PIN. If they are calling from a non-recognised number, you would need to ask them for their registered number before obtaining their PIN. Alternatively you could simply ask for a user ID and a PIN. You can even verify that their voice matches a voice print they've previously saved, although this is not yet fool proof.
  • It is worth noting that if the call is from an unregistered phone, we would know that and ask them to enter their registered number first, so the task can still be completed.
  • Number recognition for the numbers 1 to 49 is demonstrated. How accurate was it for you?
  • There are many fall back strategies for situations where the recognition is not perfect. In this case we play back each number to them and if they say "back", we ask for it again. Otherwise we automatically move onto the next number. Alternatively confirmation could have been sought for all the numbers at the end or yes/no confirmation could have been required at each stage. Part of dialoguemachine's expertise, is determining the appropriate strategy
  • This application requires two interfaces to an external system. One to verify the password, and one to submit the numbers. This is one of the factors used when deciding the application type for the cost estimator.