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recognition playground
The recognition playground is a very simple way for you to see for yourself how well various things get recognised. It simply plays back what it recognises you have said. You have the choice of the following:
  • numbers - In the range zero to a million.
  • dates - For example, the 31st of January, December the 2nd, tomorrow, this Friday, next Tuesday, a week on Saturday.
  • times - In 15 minute increments, for example, 9.30am, quarter to ten, midday, 18.45
  • durations - In quarter of an hour intervals up to 24 hours.
  • postcodes - Coming soon
  • airports - Coming soon
points to note
  • Numbers - Usually a much smaller range is expected (e.g. 1 to 49 for the lottery application) so as explained in the speech section, the grammar can often be restricted to improve accuracy. Here, we demonstrate a large range to show our full capabilities. Note also the number confirmations demonstrate the fluidity of concatenated human speech. The numbers grammar is easily modified such as adding the optional word "pounds" on the end when obtaining currency amounts from the user.
  • Times and Dates - Languages often allows multiple ways of saying the same thing. Our grammars are constructed in such a way as to recognise as many common ways as possible, without compromising accuracy. This may mean there are some rarely said phrases that are not covered. In these circumstances a fall back mechanism such as obtaining the information by DTMF tones would be used.
  • In the cases above we accept a wide variety of phrases to a particular question such as "Say a date". Often we can tailor the prompt to allow us to restrict the grammar e.g. "Say a date for example the 23rd of June".