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ReserVoice Logo The ReserVoice system was developed by dialoguemachine and lets anyone allow their resource, facility or time to be bookable over the phone. The process can be summarised as follows:
  • On a web site, the resource owner sets up the availability (opening times, opening days, bank holidays etc.)
  • ReserVoice then provides a telephone number to publish to their customers.
  • The customers use that number to make their booking. The system will intelligently deal with clashes.
  • The resource owner can view all bookings on the web.
For a more detailed explanation, please visit the Reservoice web site at http://www.reservoice.com. This demonstration lets you try an example booking by phone.

points to note
  • Multiple interface types, in this case web and voice, are used at various points in the process where they fit best.
  • It is possible to simultaneously use multiple interfaces - this is called multi-modality. If you think this may be of use to you, please contact us and we will provide more information.
  • Your booking probably went straight through - if you call in again, and book an appointment at the same time, you will see the system deal with a clash.