dial:+44 (0)845 003 4053
access code:20000

A common application for speech recognition is to replace an organisations main number with an automated switchboard (sometimes called an auto attendant). This demonstration simulates a 500 person organisations.

Below are 10 random names selected from the 500 for you to test with. Click "Refresh List" for a new set of names to try. Please note as this is a demonstration, we have not pre-recorded all the names, so they are computer generated when played out to you (please see "points to note" below for alternatives).

Lily Howell
Samuel Chambers
John Bell
Cerys Hodgson
Alexandra Carr
Christopher Bennett
Patrick Lawson
Sean Parkin
Lewis Fleming
Aimee Schofield

Say the name of the person you want and, as it is a demonstration you will be told who it is and that they are unavailable. Try as many names as you like to get a feeling for the accuracy.

points to note
  • Name recognition for 500 people is demonstrated. How was the accuracy for you? For companies with fewer employees accuracy will be even better. For larger companies, we have sophisticated algorithms to deal with cases where particular names are often confused
  • Where a name is duplicated e.g. Two "John Smiths", we can ask for a department to distinguish between them, but of course we must be able to obtain this information from you beforehand.
  • In a live system the individuals themselves would have the ability to record their own names so they wouldn't have to be computer generated.
  • An alternative to the above is for our voice talent to record all the names. This leads to a more seamless interface but more maintenance when there are leavers or joiners. This can be partially mitigated by having pre recorded the 500 most common surnames, and the 100 most common boys and girls names.
  • To allow for leavers and joiners, we can either integrate directly with a system of yours (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) or we can provide a web page for you to manage your staff list.
  • Although not demonstrated in this system, we can allow nicknames to be added on an individual basis, and also common abbreviations e.g. Mike for Michael
  • Departments can also be listened for such as Accounts, Sales or IT. A number to transfer to can then be assigned against each of these.
  • In a live system, you would obviously be connected to the person, and if they are not available, a voicemail system can be added to take the message.
  • Connection is easiest if you have a VOIP gateway that we can transfer too, however we can look at other integration possibilities.